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Transparent and clear information regarding the activities of our bank is one of our goals.

On this page you can find all current press releases of Societe Generale Montenegro.

If you need any additional information you may contact us at:

+382 (0) 20 415 691


August 10, 2018 Winner of the fifth weekly prize in our prize game

August 03, 2018 Winner of the fourth weekley prize in our prize game

July 30, 2018 Constitutive session of the Board of Directors of SGME was held

July 27, 2018 Winner of the third weekly Prize in our prize game

July 26, 2018 The bank adopted decisions on the election of members of the Board of Directors

July 20, 2018 Winner of the second weekly Prize in our prize game

July 13, 2018 Winner of the first weekly Prize in our prize game

July 12, 2018 Societe Generale bank Montenegro awarded with Euromoney Award for Excellence 2018

June 29, 2018 New prize game for VISA cardholders

June 20, 2018 Announcement for extraordinary session of Shareholder’s Assembly

May 24, 2018 Announcement on dividends disbursement

May 16, 2018   The Bank achieved great results / shareholders get the 3.69 MEUR dividends

April 5, 2018   Societe Generale Montenegro offered the loan for legalization of facilities

March 30, 2018   Respekt loan for pensioners with free life insurance and without health record presentation

March 30, 2018   Darinka Stanic, Branch manager, awarded with „Best woman manager“ award

March 14, 2018   The Bank is organizing „Days dedicated to the best students“

December 11, 2017   Branch Igalo moved to Herceg Novi

December 11, 2017   Improved offer of Respekt cash loans for pensioners with life insurance policy

November 30, 2017   Societe Generale Montenegro awarded with The Banker's Bank of the Year Award 2017

November 24, 2017   Societe Generale Montenegro awarded with two prizes for corporate social responsibility by Montenegrin Employers' Federation

October 31, 2017   The Bank is marking the Saving Week

September 13, 2017   Main award in SOGeMOBILE prize game handed to the winner

September 8, 2017   New prize game for VISA cardholders

May 31, 2017   Announcement on dividends disbursement

May 31, 2017   Prize game for the users of SOGeMOBILE mobile banking

May 19, 2017   Working hours during holiday

May 17, 2017   Shareholder's Assembly session held : Exceptional performance of the Bank / Dividend payment again this year

May 12, 2017   Western Union: Delta – The best branch of the Bank

May 3, 2017   The bank supports International Book and Education Fair

April 28, 2017   The Bank sponsors Chess Championship

April 18, 2017   The Bank provides the main prize at the fifth Hackathon

March 13, 2017   The Bank supported student’s competition CASE STUDY SHOW 2017

February 28, 2017   Keys of the car handed to the prize game winner

February 22, 2017   New in our offer – Primus loan for financing the education

February 16, 2017   New card in offer – VISA Business Debit

February 8, 2017   Slaviša Vučković – the winner of the car in the banks’ prize game

December 7, 2016   The Bank awarded for improving the skills of employees

November 30, 2016   Prize game for MasterCard cardholders

November 18, 2016  Societe Generale bank Montenegro awarded the CSR award of Montenegrin Employers Federation

October 31, 2016  Societe Generale bank Montenegro joined the action of marking the Saving Week

September 22, 2016  Safer internet card transactions with 3D Secure

September 19, 2016  Improved offer for students - FUN CLUB package for youngsters

September 12, 2016  New in our offer – SOGeMOBILE mobile banking

August 29, 2016  Renovated branch Trg in Podgorica officially opened

July 22, 2016  Donation to National part Biogradska gora

July 7, 2016  Societe Generale Montenegro The Best bank in the country

June 22, 2016  Fresh cash loan up to 20000 € / No need for endorser up to 15000 €

June 15, 2016  In the Space for Art written word supported

June 13, 2016  Branch Delta closed on 14th June

May 27, 2016  Branch Stari aerodrom at new location

May 20, 2016  Working hors during holiday

May 13, 2016  Contactless payment with MasterCard stickers and cards

May 9, 2016  Keys of Citroen C4 Cactus handed out to the lucky winner

May 6, 2016  Drawn main winner of prize game

April 28, 2016  Obavještenje za klijente

April 27, 2016  Western Union: Danilovgrad branch - the best branch of the Bank

April 26, 2016  Working hours during holidays

April 21, 2016  Award for social responsibility

April 14, 2016  The best housing loan offer so far

April 4, 2016  Shareholder’s Assembly announcement

March 18, 2016  1000+ apartments

March 3, 2016  Changes in top management of the Bank

March 1, 2016  Prize game: Paying VISA pays off

February 5, 2016  Applied for Project „1000+ appartments"

December 30, 2015 Working hours during hollidays

December 19, 2015 EFSE and Societe Generale banka Montenegro to jointly provide additional financing for housing and home improvement in Montenegro

December 3, 2015,  Societe Generale banka Montenenegro – THE BANK OF THE YEAR  

December 2, 2015,  Advanced SOGeBANKING

0ctober 30, 2015,  Savings Week: For the youngest clients born in Savings Week 400€

September 23, 2015, Working hours of Rozaje branch

September 17, 2015, Housing loan Key: Apartment for 174 € monthly

August 20, 2015, Latest generation of loans for refinancing: Multipraktik

July 21, 2015, Announcement for clients

July 20, 2015, Cooperation with Lovćen insurance company

July 10, 2015, Societe Generale banka Montenegro awarded best bank in the country

July 9, 2015,  Working hours during hollidays

June 24, 2015,  Announcement for clients

June 1,  2015,  ATM of Societe Generale Banka Montenegro at Herceg Novi

May 27, 2015,  Announcement on dividends disbursement

May 20, 2015,  Working hours during holidays

May 14, 2015,  Assembly of shareholders of Societe Generale banka Montenegro 

April 28, 2015, Working hours during May hollidays

April 23,  2015, Societe Generale banka Montenegro expanded network of ATM 

April 9,  2015, Working hours during hollidays

April 1,  2015, Societe Generale Banka Montenegro on social networks 

March 25, 2015, Cooperation with WIENER insurance

March 18, 2015, New number of Call center 19 900

February 27, 2015, Branch Zabjelo at new location

February 24, 2015, YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR: Keys of Citroen C-Elysee handed out to main winner

February 16, 2015, Loans by much more favorable conditions

February 13, 2015, Western Union rewarded branch of Cetinje Societe Generale bank Montenegro

February 10, 2015, The eighth winner of the prize game YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

February 2, 2015, The seventh winner of the prize game YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

January 27, 2015, The sixth winner of the prize game YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

January 20, 2015, The fourth winner of the prize game YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

January 13, 2015. Beneficiaries of Le club package: Free ATM cash withdrawals

January 13, 2015. The fourth winner of the prize game YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

January 9, 2015. The third winner of the prize game YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

December 31, 2014. Working hours during hollidays

December 30, 2014. The second winner of the game: YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

December 23, 2014. Announcement for clients: general terms and condition of payment service provision

December 23, 2014. MasterCard promotional gifts in the shopping center Mall of Montenegro

December 23, 2014. Drawn first prize winner of the game: YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR

December 19, 2014. Fun Club - New offer for students

December 15, 2014. VIsa prize game started: YOUR VISA FOR YOUR CAR  

December 15, 2014. Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Bank: Mr Miroslav Hiršl 

December 03, 2014. New President of the Board of Directors of the Bank: Milorad Katnić 

December 02, 2014 Societe Generale Bank Montenegro is the bank of the year 

October 24, 2014 Shareholder’s Assembly announcement

October 20, 2014. Societe Generale Montenegro proud sponsor of Montenegrin national theatre even in the 2014/2015 season

October 16,  2014. The Bank offered Respect cash loans for pensioners with life insurance

August 19, 2014 Fresh cash loans up to 15 000 EUR, one day approval; New offer: Fresh cash loan for scolarship.

July 1, 2014 Societe Generale Montenegro offered MasterCard Gold Debit card to its clients

June 9, 2014 New ATM of Societe Generale Montenegro installed in Rafailovići

May 8, 2014 Societe Generale is celebrating its 150th anniversary

March 3, 2014 The awards handed out to winners of the prize game “Pay with VISA cards and win

February 27, 2014  Societe Generale Montenegro donated the equipment to Clinical centre of Montenegro 10 000 EUR worth 

November 28, 2013 Societe Generale Montenegro awarded with The Banker’s „Bank of the year“ award

November 18, 2013 The bank signed the agreement with universities

November 8, 2013 Free insurance for cardholders

November 8, 2013 Kljuc housing loans with fixed or variabe interest rate

July 12, 2013 The bank’s ATM network extended

July 5, 2013 The bank awarded with Euromoney award for excellence

July 4, 2013 Societe Generale Montenegro – the best in the region

September 27, 2012 New Head office of Societe Generale Montenegro opened in Podgorica

May 28, 2012 Branka Pavlovic, CEO of Societe Generale Montenegroawarded with EBRD Women in business award

May 25, 2012 Podgoricka banka became Societe Generale Montenegro

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