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The Bank donated didactic tools to twenty primary schools

Societe Generale Bank Montenegro donated a new set of didactic materials to primary schools in Montenegro. It is a sound "interactive wall" intended for training and easier learning of children with disabilities and their peers.

At the recommendation of the Ministry of Education, this didactic aid was provided to schools with a significant number of pupils with disabilities: Resource Center "1.Jun" in Podgorica, Resource Center "Peruta Ivanović" Kotor, Primary School "Savo Pejanović" Primary school "21 . Maj ", Primary School" Sutjeska ", Primary School" Milorad Musa Burzan ", Primary School" Vuk Karadžić ", Primary School" Maksim Gorki ", Primary School" Dr Dragiša Ivanović ", Primary School" Vladimir Nazor ", Primary School" Štampar Makarije ", Radojica Perović "Vlado Milić" Elementary School "Marko Miljanov" and Primary School "Vuk Karadžić" in Berane, Primary School "Ilija Kišić" in Herceg Novi, Primary School "Jugoslavija" in Bar, Boško Buha Elementary School in Pljevlja, Primary School " Dušan Korać "in Bijelo Polje, the Elementary School" Njegoš "in Kotor and the" Olga Golović "Elementary School in Niksic.

This action is part of a continuous project that the Bank has been implemented for several years in order to improve the conditions of teaching in elementary schools and preschool educational units.

On the occasion of this donation, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Ms. Arijana Nikolić Vučinić, Director of the Directorate for Preschool, Primary and Inclusive Education stated:
"If we consider the fact that the implementation of the Inclusive Education Strategy began on 1 January 2019, this donation is of great importance, bearing in mind that school equipping is one of the goals of this strategy. With this donation, we will help professional associates in schools to work better with children and to succeed in their work. "

Tamara Milić, Head of Pre-school and Inclusive Education department, highlighted the importance and use of this tool:
"This donation is made up of "interactive walls" that are predominantly intended for children with autism spectrum disorders who learn by adopting visual content, and this interactive wall is just so designed. The child presses the appropriate thumbnail, the order-question is recorded, but the answer to the verbal request is also recorded. This way, the child establishes interaction, establishes communication and develops his / her speech. Throughout the practice, it has proved that this aid is extremely important for the use and learning of children who have other disorders, intellectual, hearing, etc. On this occasion, I would like to thank and express as a positive example the cooperation with Societe Generale Bank Montenegro, which for many years helps to equip the schools so that they could have full capacity to respond to the requirements of inclusive education. This year they donated interactive walls that we decided to purchase on the initiative of our colleagues from resource centers and elementary schools who realized that these didactic tools are extremely helpful in their work. We have succeeded in providing these resources to resource centers as well as for twenty primary schools where children with autism spectrum disorders are involved, as well as children with other developmental disabilities. "

Slađana Radović, PR manager of the Bank expressed satisfaction with another successful donation:
"The primary school "Sutjeska" is among the twenty primary schools to which we donated didactic equipment this year. Our goal is to provide a better and easier learning to children with disabilities and, at the same time, the implementation of school program, with this long term support to educational institutions. We are pleased to see that the equipment we have previously donated is in use and contributes significantly to the teaching methods in a way interesting to children. "

In addition to the didactic tools, this school year, technical equipment from the Bank was also donated to: Boro Vukmirović Primary School in Rijeka Crnojević, Primary School "Marko Miljanov" in Bijelo Polje and Primary School "Vuko Jovović" in Danilovgrad. The school libraries of "Slobodan Škerović" Gymnasium in Podgorica and Gymnasium "Petar I Petrović Njegoš" in Danilovgrad were given a donations in books while the bank financially helped the renovation in the “Oktoih” Primary School, so the total donation exceeded 7000€.

Societe Generale bank Montenegro regularly carries out activities to help schools acquire missing school materials. One of the most significant projects supported by the Bank so far is the "It’s about ability” campaign launched by UNICEF and the Montenegrin Government in order to promote inclusive education that provides equal status in education for all children in Montenegro, including children with disabilities. Societe Generale bank Montenegro provided its full support to this project in 2010, and even today it supports the inclusive education. For years, the bank is donating didactic equipment to schools in Montenegro, computers, books, while significant funds have also been donated for diagnostic and medical equipment for health centers, especially the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

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