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The Bank is marking the Saving Week

Societe Generale bank Montenegro has joined even this year in marking the Saving week by taking part in traditional action of Central Bank of Montenegro. This action is organized with the aim to increase the awareness of the importance of savings.

This action involves Central bank’s donation in amount of 200 € to children born between October 31st and November 6th 2018 while Societe Generale bank Montenegro will give additional 200 €, if their parents open child’s saving account in the bank. The overall amount of 400 € will be deposited for a year. After this period, parents can withdraw the savings or re-deposit the amount.

Over the years, Societe Generale bank Montenegro has been recognized by its depositors as safe and stable guarantee for their deposits. Besides a vista deposits and classic savings, within our offer clients can also find the following products:

  • SOGE steps enables our depositors to deposit regular monthly payments to their savings account and to collect certain amount which could be re-deposited or used in other purposes. 
  • SOGE rent enables regular monthly income by adding interests to term deposits. This product is intended to depositors who wish to keep their savings in the bank and to benefit from regular monthly income.
  • SOGE kids’ saving is gradual saving account opened by parents with the aim to provide better future for their children. The parents pay regular monthly amounts to the saving account until the child turns 18. After that, the child, as an adult, may use these funds for the purpose of education or to meet his/her other needs. 
  • SOGE tip allows you to round up any spent amount to 0.50, 1, 2, 5 or 10 € while the difference between spent and rounded sum is being transferred directly to your current or saving account upon your request,

      and Can Can progressive savings.


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