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Contactless payment with MasterCard stickers and cards

Podgorica, 13 May 2016



Societe Generale banka Montenegro in its offer has contactless option of payment, without fhaving to enter PIN, for all amounts below 15 Euros. This fast and simple way of trade is possible by Visa PayVawe cards, as well as by MasterCard Debit and Master Card Debit Gold cards and stickers, issued by Societe Generale banka Montenegro.

It is enough to set the card close to the POS terminal that supports contactless payment and the transaction is completed in few seconds. Clients can obtain these cards by reissuing.

Client must own MasterCard Debit card or MasterCard Debit Gold card in order to have a sticker. Stickers provide same possibilities as contactless cards, but only on POS terminals. It is not possible to withdraw cash on ATMs with stickers. The sticker itself has self-adhesive strip that allows the sticker to be pasted to the item that is always or often in your hand (mobile phone, key ring).

Cards and stickers with contactless option allow fast and efficient transaction, which corresponds both to clients and merchants. This novelty in the offer of our Bank is the result of the effort to follow the modern trends of banking technology and meet daily needs of our clients. 

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