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Donation to Clinical Center worth 18.000€

Societe Generale bank Montenegro, as one of its socially responsible priorities, regularly supports the creation of better conditions for treatment and stay in healthcare institutions. This year it has donated to the Clinical Center of Montenegro a portable ultrasound device for new-born worth over 18,000 euros. The apparatus is intended for the Neonatology Center within the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

This donation confirms the firm endeavour of the bank to improve the medical conditions in medical institutions on the long term. After donations to the Physiotherapy Unit, the bank also donated the Neonatology Center and provided support for our youngest citizens to be treated with the most advanced equipment. With the help of this modern device, better diagnostic and therefore a fast and adequate therapy and care will be provided to patients within this institution.

Director of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic Dr. Ivan Đukić thanked for a valuable donation, pointing out that with this act the bank proved to be a socially responsible company that has the understanding, the will and the desire to support the health system.

"This is not the first donation of Societe Generale bank Montenegro to our institution and healthcare at all. We are particularly pleased that the bank has supported the Neonatology Center because the most endangered babies from all over Montenegro are treated in this organizational unit. On behalf of our patients and their parents as well as the KCCG staff I would like to thank most sincerely for this valuable gift. I am sure that the bank will continue with this giving practice in the future“, said Dr Đukić.
The new donation will enable easier diagnosis and monitoring of the effects of therapeutic procedures, which will significantly improve the work of doctors in the Neonatology Center.
Head of the Neonatology Center, Dr. Lidija Banjac, also thanked for this gift.
"Societe Generale bank Montenegro donated to the Neonatology Center for Gynaecology and Obstetrics KCCG, the modern ultrasound apparatus of the Siemens brand. The apparatus has two probes (convex and flat) and is intended for the examination of endocrinal, abdominal, soft tissues, hips and muscle-skeletal system", said Dr Banjac.

"The donated ultrasound machine will help doctors of the Neonatology Center in day-to-day work, and a wide range of its capabilities will facilitate diagnostics and monitoring the effects of therapeutic procedures", explained Dr. Banjac.
"Neonatology Center is the only neo-natal center of tertiary level in Montenegro. The Center hospitalizes annually 650-800 endangered (preterm and term) new-borns, requiring intensive care and therapy. The Center also performs preoperative preparation and postoperative treatment for new-borns requiring surgical treatment", said Dr Banjac.

In the previous years, the Bank has also donated significant funds to improve health care and treatment conditions in health centers, not only for the Clinical Center, but also for health centers in Kolašin, Rožaje, Danilovgrad, Cetinje and Tivat, as well as in general hospitals in Berane, Kotor, Cetinje and Niksic

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