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Exhibition of Hajdana Kostic’s artworks in the Space for Art

In the Space for Art within the Bank's Head office the exhibition of Hadjana Kostić drawings was opened today. Exposed works are mostly part of the original project of the artist entitled "365". 
Fourteen selected works are exhibited on which the artist said:
"The line is my main expression in creation process. With lines I explain everything, the power of my feelings is expressed with my lines. This setting in Societe Generale Montenegro Space for Art was designed to show primarily my new project "365". I designed it as a public challenge, every day I create a new drawing that I publish on social networks. With this I explain the way I create quality works and constantly entertain and motivate the audience. This exhibition also shows a larger work "Love Sea" that says that we should love each other and provide love, affection and help to each other. The colors are joyful and optimistic just like me. I am grateful to the bank on this occasion, the place where I can express myself means very much to me. The exhibition will be very successful, I am sure about that. "

Biography of the artist:

Hajdana Kostić was born on January 25, 1993. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Cetinje with specialization – module Photography. She is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro.


  • "Marko Gregovic", biennial of the act, exhibition of the finalists (2018)
  • Osten Biennial of Drawing Group Exhibitions (2018)
  • Independent exhibition "Reprogramming", Podgorica, Montenegro (2018)
  • 2018 ULUCG Annual Exhibition, Podgorica, Montenegro (2018)
  • Art Rooms (Organizer and Participant, 2017)
  • The third international student biennial in the drawing, Sofia, Bulgaria (2016)
  • Group exhibition of eminent Montenegrin artists GNP Žabljak (Organizer and participant, 2016)
  • Humanitarian Exhibition 1 Podgorica, Montenegro (Organizer and Participant, 2015)
  • Humanitarian Exhibition 2 Podgorica, Montenegro (Organizer and Participant, November, 2016)
  • Underhill Fest, documentary photography in Montenegro, Podgorica (2015)
  • Night of the Museum, Kinetic Typography, Contemporary Art Center, Podgorica (2014)


  • "365", publishing one drawing per day on social networks 
  • "Creating together", co-operation with the Secretariat for Culture


  • Free Draw Prize, Third International Student Contest in Drawing Sofia, Bulgaria (2016) 
  • Silver Lire, XXVIII MUSIC FESTIVAL, Kotor, Montenegro (2000) 
  • Gold Medal, 11th European Competition of Performing and Composing Music " di Barletta ", Bari, Italy (1999)

The project Space for Art is intended to young artists in order to promote their ideas and support their future work, and it was started within the Citizen Commitment initiative at the global level of Societe Generale Group.
The Bank will keep striving promotion of artists through its communication channels and corporate profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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