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Jubilee Iskra award goes to the Bank

Societe Generale bank Montenegro won jubilee Iskra award for philanthropy at national level.  
At the ceremony held in Zetski dom on Cetinje, the President of Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Vlastimir Golubović handed over this award to Marina Banović, DCEO, by this occasion declared:   
„...There are more and more examples of philanthropy in Montenegro, which brings us back to the values that are, I would say, given us as a society, and that is to help each other.
It seems that social responsibility begins to take a stable place in the companies’ plans and strategies. In addition to the commitment of the company itself to be active in this field, it is necessary to have people who will properly create and support socially engaged initiatives. Societe Generale bank Montenegro owns both the commitment to socially responsible behaviour and people who can turn it into practice. Therefore, I consider this prize to be a prize for all employees in our bank, for all hours of volunteer work, for the effort and dedication in support of schools and hospitals, for the protection of the environment, as well as for the promotion of culture...“

This is the fourth Iskra Philanthropy prize handed to the Bank.The jubilee award for contribution at the national level is proof that the Bank continuously works in the field of social responsibility in Montenegro, supporting mostly health care, as well as projects in the field of education, culture and environmental protection. Societe Generale Montenegro initiates and supports those projects that are truly valuable to our citizens and society, and in that aim has established cooperation with many institutions that have specific information about needs in all cities. Among them are ministries, clinics and health centers, UNICEF, Parents' Association, NGO and various humanitarian organizations.

Among the most prominent projects that the Bank has supported so far is the "It’s about ability" campaign launched by UNICEF and the Government of Montenegro in order to promote inclusive education that provides equal status in education to all children in Montenegro, including children with disabilities. The Bank has provided its full support to this project in 2010, and even today support for inclusive education is one of the priorities of the bank. For years, the bank has donated didactic supplies to schools in Montenegro, computer equipment, books, while significant funds have been dedicated to the purchase of diagnostic equipment, and in particular to the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

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