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Keys of Citroen C4 Cactus handed out to the lucky winner

Podgorica, May 9, 2016.





Executive Director Chief Commercial Officer and CEO Deputy Mr. Radule Raonic handed out keys of Citroen C4 Cactus to Mr. Boško Zeković, from Podgorica, the winner of the prize game Paying Visa pays off.

Lucky winner stated that he is long time user of services of Societe Generale banka Montenegro and is more than happy that he has won the prize. He heard about the prize from the Bank’s employee who woke him up in the morning hours to tell him good news and soon, after, phone calls of his friends and relatives started. In order to be sure that he won the prize, he watched the recorded TV morning show of National TV where public drawing of the prize winner was organized.    

Recall, the game lasted from March 1st to April 30th 2016. In the game were all users of Visa cards of Societe Generale banka Montenegro, except for Visa Business cards, who had at least five transactions at POS terminals or online during the two-month period of the prize game. With each five transactions, chance of winning a prize was increasing.

The users of contactless VISA payWave card, new offer of the Bank, are included in the game already by the possession of this card. It is a quick and simple method of payment, without having to enter a PIN, for amounts under €15. It is enough to set the card close to the POS terminal that supports contactless payment and the transaction is over in few seconds. For users of contactless VISA payWave cards chances are also, increased, with each five transactions.

All clients of the Bank can apply for their contactless VISA payWave card, while the ones who own VISA card can get payWave option of contactless payment with reissuing the card.

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