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Keys of the car handed to the winner

Slaviša Vučković from Herceg Novi is the winner of the vehicle Suzuki Vitara in the prize game: „Pay with MasterCard once and get Suzuki at glance”.

Chief Commercial Officer/Chief Executive Officer Deputy of Societe Generale bank Montenegro Radule Raonić handed the keys to the lucky winner within the Head Office of the bank.

Lucky winner stated that he was using the services of Societe Generale bank Montenegro for a long time and that he was pleasantly surprised when he found out that he has won the vehicle. Given that he was abroad at the moment of the drawing, the surprise was even greater when he was called from his bank by this great occasion. To be sure, he watched the broadcast of the morning program of Television of Montenegro placed on Youtube channel, where he truly saw his name as the winner.

Prize game lasted from 1st December 2016 till 31st January 2017. All MasterCard cardholders of Societe Generale bank Montenegro cards participated: Mastercard Debit, MasterCard Debit Gold, Mastercard Business, MasterCard La Rata, MasterCard Fun Club. At least one transaction on POS terminal or at the internet was needed in order to participate, and for each five transactions the chance to win was increased.

Drawing of the name of the winner took place in studio of RTCG on 7th February.

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