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Multipraktik, loan for refinancing

Societe Generale bank Montenegro offers to clients new advantages with  Multipraktik, loan for refinincing of loan obligations at the banks and micro-credit institutions of Montenegro. Multipraktik provides repayment in a simpler and easier manner for family members with loan obligations, while there is also a possibility of payout of cash in the amount of 50% of the total value of the loan .   

The loan is approved in amounts from 500 to 50. 000, while the maximum repayment period is to 15 years. Loan to 8,000 euros can be provided without guarantors, to 8 years of repayment, while up to 15,000 euros, without mortgage.

The advantage is the lower interest rate: variable interest rate of 7.89% + 3m EURIBOR The repayment period to 15 years and a fixed interest rate of 8.49% on the repayment period up to 8 years, so that the amount of loans of eight thousand euros with a repayment period of 8 years, with a nominal annual interest rate of 8.49% and effective interest rate 8.51%, the instalment amounts to 113.82 euros, the total interest amount to 2,926.72 euros, the total cost of 2,931.41 euros and total debt 10,931.41 euros.

During the promotional period until 31 December 2015, no fees will be granted loans worth up to 15,000 euros, to 96 months with a fixed interest rate and total cost represents the sum of interest for the entire period, administrative fees, fees for bill of exchange (€2), inquiry fee at  the at the Credit Bureau of Central Bank of Montenegro (€3).For all other cases regular fee is 1,5%.

Societe Generale Montenegro strives for constant improvement of service quality, so that this amendment of the  product, with lower interest rates, is an effort to meet the needs of citizens. 

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