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SOGE Tip saving

If you are paying for your purchases by the cards issued by Societe Generale Montenegro or by using SOGE-banking or SMSCONTO services on a regular basis, you are in a position to save as you go along, and whenever you want.  

For whom is it intended?

This type of product is designed for anyone who wants to save imperceptibly, and thereby allow their children some pocket money or spare a certain amount that can be used for future purchases. 


  • SOGE TIP allows you to round any spent amounts up to 0.5, 1, 2, 5 or 10 euro, with the difference between the actual and rounded sums being transferred directly to your account, which you can later use for additional purchases during the year.
  • In case you want to surprise someone in the family, SOGE Tip gives you the possibility to transfer a certain amount to the account of your, say, child and make him happy for the regular inflow of pocket money that he can later spend by using a card.
  • SOGE TIP is free of charge.
  • Save imperceptibly, with every payment you make!
  • Funds are automatically available at your account. 

Deposit Protection Fund

Societe Generale Montenegro AD is a member of Deposit Protection Fund.

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