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SMS servis Societe General Montenegro
SMS service

SMS info service is highly convenient and useful service which enables to clients to be regularly informed on inflows and outflows from his/her account initiated by the client, as well as on the balance on the account via SMS which client will receive directly to his/her mobile phone number.

Target clients

This service is intended for all clients, citizens and legal entities who have the account with the bank.


  • use of SMS service is fast and simple, you need to have a mobile phone and account with the bank
  • the service is available every day in a week, 24 hours a day, in the country and abroad,
  • you will receive SMS information on any inflow to or outflow from your account
  • this service represents an excellent cost control
  • by sending the message SALDO to the bank, you will automatically receive the message indicating the balance on your account



Whether you’re a 067, 068 or 069 network user, you may get  information about your current account balance by sending the sms to 14747, if you are in Montenegro at the moment of sending the message. If you are abroad (roaming)  at the moment of sending the message, you should send the sms to  +382 69 364 444.

Useful information

For more information and support regarding the use of SOGE-banking, you can contact us by phone (020) 415 639 and (020) 415 637 or by e-mail or you can visit the Account Officers in any branch of Societe Generale Montenegro.  


If you want to know the price terms of products and services, see the tariffs.

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