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SAVINGS Societe General Montenegro

Saving money is important part of financial security planning for the future. That is why we created several types of savings for you and your family with attractive interest rates which ensure the full security of your money and its availability at any time.

Why save money in Societe Generale Montenegro?

  • We offer seven different savings types adapted to your diverse needs  
  • For any savings type, the interest rates are extremely attractive and you can select terms of different duration in accordance with your financial plans
  • If it is necessary, the term deposit may be used as collateral when applying for specific loans in Societe Generale Montenegro
  • Societe Generale Montenegro is a member of Deposit Protection Fund.

Choose the most suitable savings and feel safe because your money is growing in a secure place!

Our Account Officers are available in any of Societe Generale Montenegro branches and they will help you to select the best and the most convenient savings product.

Deposit Protection Fund
Societe Generale Montenegro AD is a member of Deposit Protection Fund. 

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