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Soge rent Societe General Montenegro

This type of savings will enable you to achieve regular monthly income by adding interest to the term deposit on a monthly basis.

Target clients

SOGE rent is intended to those you want to save their money in a bank and have regular monthly income added to that amount.


  • The users of this type of savings are given Maestro card free of charge and SMS service on interest accrual is included
  • Minimum deposit is only € 500 
  • Interest calculation is done on a monthly basis and accrues to your transactional account


Deposit Protection Fund
Societe Generale Montenegro AD is a member of Deposit Protection Fund. 


When disbursing the interest, the bank calculates the capital income tax on behalf of the clients and for their account and deducts it from the accrued interest and then pays it to the prescribed accounts in accordance with the applicable legal regulations as on the day of interest disbursement. 


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