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Le Club packages Societe General Montenegro
Le Club Business

In order to meet your everyday needs in the best possible manner, Societe Generale Montenegro created Le Club Business – package of products for small and medium enterprises within which you can use several banking products and services under more favorable terms.

Whether you want to use transactional accounts, VISA Business cards, SMS and SOGeBANKING – Le Club Business package is the best choice.


  • Le Club Business package includes several banking products whose price is up to 30% lower than their respective price.
  • You monitor the costs more easily because you pay one monthly fee and you use several products.
  • The package price includes monthly package maintenance.
  • The fees for domestic payment operations via e-banking are 30% lower.


You can submit the application form for this package in any branch of Societe Generale Montenegro


Le Club Business package includes:

  • Transactional account for domestic payments

  • Transaction account for international payments

  • VISA Business card

  • SMS information on account movements



If you want to know the price terms of products and services, see the tariffs.

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